Why You Should Paint Your Home’s Exterior a Light Color

Why You Should Paint Your Home’s Exterior a Light Color

When you’re getting ready to repaint your home, choosing a new color might be part of the job. It’s always fun to change things up—but what are the best exterior paint colors for homes in Minneapolis, MN?

Generally, when painting your home, opting for a light color is a good choice. While bold or dark colors can be a dramatic visual choice, the vast majority of homes would benefit from a paint job on the lighter side. Here’s why.

Reflect the light

Minneapolis can experience some hot summer weather. Choosing a light exterior color for your home will help reflect some of the sun’s rays. This can help keep your interior temperatures (and your air conditioning bills) down.

The benefits don’t stop there, however. Light exterior paint colors are great for hiding minor siding flaws. Reflecting light can make it harder to see issues like cracks, dents and other small problems. Before painting, make sure to power wash the siding and fill in any cracks with cement putty. Then you can safely paint over blemishes to mask their visual impact.

Light Blue House

Fit in with the neighborhood

Most homeowners choose light paint colors. If you want to fit in, picking light exterior paint in Minneapolis, MN ensures your home won’t stand out in a negative way. It’s also a good way to stay trendy throughout the years. Light-colored, neutral paint allows you to change your landscaping, exterior décor and even trim at will—think of your exterior as a blank canvas.
Curb appeal is also important. If your home sticks out like a sore thumb, it’s going to reduce your property value as well as the property value of the entire neighborhood. Buyers tend to prefer simple, light neutrals.

Highlight your home’s dimensional features

If your home has any interesting architectural or dimensional features, light exterior paint can make them pop. Your bay windows, stained glass, shutters and other accents will draw the eye when set against light-colored paint.
When you have a home with great architecture, a good rule of thumb is to choose light, neutral exterior paint and a dark neutral for the trim. The architectural and dimensional features will draw the eye, and the trim won’t look too busy.

Show off your landscaping

Finally, light exterior paint can help you show off your landscaping features. Bold and bright colors will draw the eye away from your carefully cultivated trees, shrubs, flowers and yard. The colors may even clash and make the overall effect too jarring to appreciate.

Light-colored paint creates contrast between plants and the exterior. Choose paint colors carefully to accent your favorite parts of the yard. You may want to paint the trim to highlight your favorite flowers, or keep it neutral to let the landscaping shine on its own.

Whatever exterior paint colors you choose for your home in Minneapolis, MN, Guse Hardware is sure to have what you need. We offer a great selection of paint colors for every home. Stop by today to get started.