Winter at Guse Hardware

Here’s what we recommend you will probably want to do to get ready for winter:

Check the House:


  • Make sure your doorknobs and cabinet doors work perfectly. Walk around the house with a screwdriver and tighten everything, including latch plates and strike plates or come to Guse to find replacement hardware, pulls and handles.
  • Squeaky doors? Come to Guse and get oil that is right for the job
  • When you dig out your holiday decorations in November or early Dec, check your attic, vents, and clean any vents that are stuck. These vents help prevent mildew.
  • Take an evening, grab your video camera and videotape your belongings as documentation for insurance
  • If you didn’t get a supply of furnace and humidifier filters in the fall, do it now. Guse has filters for all kinds of furnaces and humidifiers
  • Check around windows, and sashes and keep a list of windows to be fixed in the spring. You can see which ones need repair on cold winter nights
  • Check your toilets and replace the internal parts if you have leaks or are seeping water. You will be amazed at how much leaky faucets and toilets will cost you
  • If you hear animals in the attic get them out before they mate in the spring and you have a much bigger problem. Guse rents live traps for squirrels and raccoons and you can start trapping and releasing in February and March


  • Check your outdoor lights periodically to make sure that they are working and free from ice
  • Snow shovels and snow blowers: stop in for everything from ergonomic shovels, to pushers, to shovels for kids

SONY DSCPractical Gifts:

  • Check out the selection of practical gifts for the holidays: led flash lights, tools for the family and kids, fancy duct tape, clever cartoon character keys, and much more.
  • Stop in for a new baking pan, bowl, or small appliance
  • Replace your broom, mops and dusters as needed
  • Check out the shoe grips that we have at Guse to give a loved one with limited balance a little more grip on icy paths

Winter Gardening:

  • Remember to start your seedlings around February. Guse has seedling flats, gro-lights, and kits for kids
  • Check your flower bulbs, and plants wintering over to make sure that they are damp
  • Check for damage to your trees, shrubs and gardens by snow, ice or rodents. Apply covers where needed





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