Tools & Gagets

It’s hard for most of us to figure out the difference between a tool and a gaget. However, Guse’s has huge inventories of both.

Here are three a clever gagets:


The first are webbed straps with hooks and winces. They are perfect for tying those extra suitcases onto your car as you travel over the river and through the woods during the holidays. They also keep tarps securely wrapped around boats or items in your backyard, and can pull items up, down and over as needed.SONY DSC

These gagets below provide traction to your mother-in-laws boots so that she won’t slip on the sidewalks (which of course you have sanded and salted). What a great holiday gift–they come in several sizes.



Meanwhile, back to webbed ties and winces, these extra heavy duty straps will keep you lawnmower safely in your trunk while you bring it over to Guse to get the blades sharpened and the motor tuned. They also work well for bringing a number of broken storm windows in for repair. Cinch all the frames together and they are a bit easier to handle. Remember to put a board or cardboard on each side of the broken glass so no one gets hurt during transport.

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