Spring at Guse Hardware

Here is what you might need to start your spring cleaning, gardens and lawn care.


  • Start those seedlings in February or March with kits, seeds and organic fertilizer
  • Gardening supplies: hoes, rakes, hand tools, benches and knee cushions
  • Tomato stakes, trellises, and wire for that new dog run or chicken coop
  • Take off the plastic from your windows and bring in any screens that have to be replaced before the summer rush!
  • Lawns need feeding, and dandelions need pulling. Come in to see our supplies of grass seed for all areas, fertilizer, compost, soil, mulch, and other gardening supplies
  • Stain the decks. They’ve made it through the winter but without a fresh coating they might not make it through the year. Power washers, and paint appliers available
  • Rain barrels, rain tiles and other ways to divert water from your house
  • Need a wheel barrel? Want to rent a seed spreader? You are in the right place!
  • Bike tires all flat? Take the kids over to Guse. We have a high speed air pump to get the family back riding. Need a bunge cord or other quick bike supplies–we probably have them.
  • Check your gutters yet again. The snow and ice might have bent them a bit so that they don’t drain correctly
  • Mildew, moisture on fabric, walls and cushions? Come into Guse for the right cleaning supplies to get your outdoor furniture in great shape for the summer


  • Water in your basement? Rent our blower and other equipment you may need to dry out
  • Light bulbs. Check them again
  • Daylights savings is a time to check your batteries
  • As well, turn all the mattresses, head-to-top, side-to-side to prolong wear
  • Storms come off, screens go on, call our handyman to help you do that in an afternoon!
  • Bring all your malfunctioning windows to Guse. Can’t get it out of the window?  Need a special size? We have a window shop and can provide glass or even rework a frame

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