Snow & Winterizing

  • SONY DSCCheck out the shoe grips that we have at Guse to give a loved one with limited balance a little more grip on icy paths

“These are amazing contraptions. I buy them for all of my friends,” says one of Guse’s regular customers. “There are two kinds of these shoe-grips, I’m wearing them now see? I think the ones with the blue dots is the best. I walk my dog every morning for 45 minutes and I haven’t had a fall yet. My friends love them, and so will you!”


  • SONY DSCSnow shovels and snow blowers: stop in for everything from ergonomic shovels, to pushers, to shovels for kids

“We got a snow pusher because we really didn’t know what we were buying–we thought it was a shovel. But after we used it for about 50 times during these past two years, we’ve come to love it–much better than a regular shovel. It is amazing. I now know that we also accidentally got the best possible snow pusher. Get the white one with the yellow handle!”

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